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           The design specification of automatic sprinkler system suggests that the connections of the system pipes should be connected by grooved connectors or wire buckles and flanges. The pipes in the system with or larger than 100mm should be connected by flanges or grooves.
           The trench pipe fittings connection technology, also known as clamp connection technology, has become the first push technology of liquid and gas pipeline connection. Although the technology has been developed in China later than abroad, it is quickly accepted by the domestic market because of its advanced technology. Since its development in 1998, after several years of development and application, it has gradually replaced the two traditional pipe connections of flanges and welding. It is not only technically more mature, but also widely recognized by the market, and has been actively guided by national laws and policies.
    The application of trench pipe connection technology makes the complicated pipe connection process simple, quick and convenient. It made a big step forward in the pipe connection technology.

    The grooved tube consists of two large categories of products:
    1. There are rigid joints, flexible joints, mechanical three links and grooved flanges in connection with sealing.
    2. The pipe fittings that connect transition have elbow, three links, four links, different diameter pipes, blind plates, etc.
    The trench connection pipe that has the function of sealing and sealing is mainly composed of three parts: the sealing rubber ring, the clamp and the locking bolt. The rubber sealing ring on the inner layer is placed on the outside of the connected pipe, and is anastomosed with the pre rolled groove, then the clamp on the rubber ring is fastened to the outside of the rubber ring, and then fastened with two bolts. Because the rubber seal ring and the clamp are designed with unique and sealable structure, the groove connector has good sealing property, and with the increase of the fluid pressure in the tube, the sealing property is enhanced accordingly.

    1, the installation speed is fast. The groove fittings only need to install standard parts supplied by matching parts, and do not require follow-up work such as welding and galvanizing, so the installation speed is better than that of the screw.
    Pipe trench
    Pipe trench
    The line connection and flange connection can be speeded up obviously, and the construction efficiency can be greatly improved through the automatic centering of the pipe, which can effectively shorten the period of pipeline installation.
    2. Safe and reliable. On the one hand, the slotting machine and opener used in the installation process are all the special tools provided by the manufacturers to ensure the precision of the machining of the groove. On the other hand, the sealing of the inner cavity of the clamp hoops to the function of the tight pipe, and the self tight seal is realized, the more internal pressure is, the better the seal is. The nominal pressure of the pipe can be as high as 2.5MPa.
    3. It is easy to install. The groove type pipe fittings to fasten the bolt quantity is few, the operation is convenient, when disassembly and disassembly only need a wrench, the worker does not need special operation technology, after training, it can be put on post.
    4. Economy. The groove clamp connection does not destroy the galvanized layer, and the pipeline does not need to be installed, galvanized and transported for the two time. Its installation speed is fast, it can shorten the work time, make the project put into operation ahead of time, and create economic benefits ahead of schedule.
    5, environmental protection. Groove pipe fittings and installation, no welding, no fire operation, so no slag pollution, no damage to the pipe inside and outside the galvanized layer, also will not pollute the site and the surrounding environment, and is conducive to fire protection. The gap between the ends of the trench connection reduces noise and vibration transmission.
    6. It is not restricted by the installation site, and it is convenient to maintain. The groove pipe fittings can be preassembled first, the bolt can be adjusted at random before the bolt lock, the order of the pipe is not directionless. It can be operated in a relatively narrow workspace and place, and only 2 joints are removed during maintenance, and it can be cleaned and replaced. [1]

    Simple operation
    The connection operation of trench pipe fittings is very simple, without special professional skills, and ordinary workers can operate through simple training. This is because the product has incorporated a large number of fine technical parts into the finished products in a factory way. It takes only a few minutes to connect a pipe fittings. It simplifies the technical difficulty of the field operation to the maximum limit, saves the time of work, and thus stabilizes the quality of the project and improves the working efficiency. This is also the overall direction of the development of the installation technology.
    The traditional welding and flange connection pipe connection mode not only needs the welding workers with the corresponding skills, but also takes time, the workers' operation is difficult, and the pollution of the welding smoke and dust exists. Due to the difference of operating space and welding skills, the quality and appearance of welding are difficult to achieve satisfactory results, thus affecting the overall quality of the project.
    In addition, because the groove pipe fittings are finished products, the operation space required is small, the real realization depends on the wall corner installation, the operation difficulty is greatly reduced, thus saving the area and beautifying the effect of the pipeline installation.

    The original characteristics of the pipe are not affected
    The trench pipe fittings are connected, only a groove is squeezed out on the outer surface of the connected pipe by a slotting machine, but it does not destroy the inner wall structure of the pipe. This is a special technical advantage of the groove pipe fittings. If the traditional welding operation is carried out, many pipes which have made anticorrosive coating on the inner wall will be destroyed. Therefore, the specification stipulates that galvanized pipes, lined steel pipes, steel plastic composite pipes, etc. shall not be welded or flanged, otherwise two treatments are required.

     It is beneficial to the safety of construction
    The trench pipe connection technology is adopted, and the moving hand is only needed for cutting machines, slot machines and button bolts. The use of welding and flange connection requires complex power cables, cutting tools, welding machines and oxygen and acetylene cylinders. This brings complexity to the construction organization, and also has hidden dangers of leakage and fire. The welding slag produced by simultaneous welding and gas cutting will inevitably fall into the pipe. It is easy to produce pipe valves or even equipment, and also pollute the water quality in the pipe.
    In addition, welding and flange connection will inevitably require prolonged high-intensity aerial work, and prone to production safety accidents.

    The stability of the system is good and the maintenance is convenient
    The connection mode of groove pipe fittings has unique flexible characteristics, which makes the pipeline have the ability of anti vibration, anti shrinkage and expansion. Compared with welding and flange connection, the stability of the pipe system is increased, it is more suitable for temperature change, thus protecting the pipe valve parts and reducing the damage of the pipe stress to the structure.
    Because of the simple operation of the trench pipe connection, the required operating space is smaller, which brings many convenient conditions for future maintenance. When the pipeline needs to be repaired and replaced, only two pieces of clamp can be loosened to replace, rotate and modify a section of pipeline. It does not need to damage the surrounding walls, reducing maintenance time and maintenance costs.
     Economic analysis
    The groove connection is simple, labor-saving and time-saving, so it has good economic benefits. Many articles have done economic analysis. It is considered that "using the clamp connection, although the individual parts of the clamp are higher, the overall benefit of the installation of the whole pipe network is higher than that of the flange connection". In contrast, flange connections shall be galvanized at two times.

    1, when ordering grooved parts, choose the proper sealing ring. Different media in the pipeline require different sealing rings. There are eight kinds of seals in the market.
    Pipe trench
    Pipe trench
    Different material seals are suitable for different media.
    2, pipe trench (also called groove) is the key process of pipe connection, and also determines the quality of groove connection. The width and depth of the groove must meet the requirements. In the groove, the end of the pipe should be flat, no burr, the port should be perpendicular to the axis of the tube, so that the groove rolled out can be perpendicular to the tube center axis, and the length of the groove to the tube end should be equal. If the ellipticity of the pipe and the thickness of the welded galvanized pipe are not uniform, it should be corrected as far as possible when the groove is rolled, otherwise the grooves will have the phenomenon of unequal depth and the tightness of them can not be guaranteed.
    3, the seamless steel pipe groove connection, should choose the regular manufacturers have been plated with zinc products, if the purchase of seamless steel pipe and then out galvanizing, because the long-term storage of steel pipe formation oxidation corrosion, usually the quality of zinc plating is not guaranteed, the adhesion of zinc coating is poor, the zinc coating is easy to crack and even fall off when rolling. Influence the seal and service life. In order to achieve good sealing after installation, in addition to selecting good performance grooves and ensuring sealing ring nondestructive injury, the flange and outer edge of the sealing ring should be coated with a neutral lubricant to ensure that the lip of the sealing ring and the sealing ring of the pipe are more closely fitted.
    4, the use of rigid joints and flexible joints in trenches should be reasonable. Rigid joints are suitable for the use of pipe ends with rigid connections in low pressure pipes, such as spray risers, long distance straight lines, valves, equipment and so on. It is required to be used in cases where the pipeline does not allow displacement, corner and torsion, in order to obtain good rigidity. The flexible joint is suitable for the use of low and medium pressure pipeline connection. After installation, the pipe is allowed to shrink and angle, compensate for the trace displacement of the pipeline. It is more suitable for the pipeline installation with uneven environment. It also absorbs noise, vibration and absorbs seismic stress. It is generally applied to the water intake pipe of the water pump in the fire department.
    5, if the fire control horizontal pipe is long distance, when using the hanger, in order to prevent the pipe from channeling, it is suggested that the flexible joint in the middle part of the middle part be used, so as to ensure that the axial channeling is not large, so as to avoid the bending of the lateral branch pipe connected with it.
    6. To install fire pipe in a certain temperature difference, the flexible joint and rigid joint can be used when the pipe is used for the fixed support and the anti sway bracket, so the axial force produced by the pressure or temperature difference will not affect the bending of the lateral branch pipe.

    1, quickly adopt groove clamp connection and corresponding pipe placement pipeline, do not need welding during construction, do not need two galvanization and two placement. The resettlement rate was increased.
    2. The light clamp is connected with light weight, fewer bolts, convenient placement, and no extra skills.
    3, reliable, scientific and fair mechanism design, unique C type rubber seal ring and three fold sealing ensure the reliability of joint seal.
    4. Safe use of trench type clamps and corresponding fittings to work, only mechanical assembly, no welding, no clear fire, so there is no slag muddy pipeline to ensure safe construction site.
    5, the economy due to quick placement, no special skills, rehousing rate is low, so the comprehensive resettlement work than flange can reduce 30-50%.
    6, the occupying space trench slot type clamp connection connecting space is about 70% of the flange, and because the number of fastening bolts is less and no object, it is particularly practical in the condition of space narrow conditions.
    7, to maintain a simple and reliable reliability of the product grid, as long as the placement of appropriate, the pipeline is a test pressure pass, safe operation, normally need not to maintain, spare parts need not change for decades.
    8. Practical pipes are widely used to connect all kinds of seamless steel pipe, galvanized steel pipe, welded pipe, stainless steel pipe, copper pipe and other metal pipes.
    9. The flexible connecting pipe with flexible grooves connecting the pipe is flexible. It can absorb the length displacement of the pipe because of the temperature change, allowing the pipe to have a certain offset.

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